Benefits of Belonging

AJA currently has a membership of over 2,000 judges from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.  Membership in AJA is open to all present and former judicial officers of any duly constituted judicial tribunal serving the local, community, provincial, state, or national level, whether having trial or appellate, criminal, civil, or special jurisdiction.


The objects and purposes of the association are (1) to promote and improve the effective administration of justice, (2) to maintain the status and independence of the judiciary, and (3) to provide a forum for the continuing education of its members, and of the general public, and for the interchange of ideas of a judicial nature among all judges.


An eligible Court is defined as any duly constituted judicial tribunal, serving at the local, community, State, Provincial or National level within the United States, any of its territories and possessions, the District of Columbia and Canada and Mexico, whether having trial or appellate, criminal, civil, or special jurisdiction.  Such courts do not become ineligible by reason of being State, Provincial, or territorial Courts or by reason of having jurisdiction beyond the boundaries of the Governmental subdivision in which such courts are located.  Courts of Indian Nations of the North American Continent and Magistrates, Masters, Arbitrators, Referees of any eligible judicial tribunal, if otherwise qualified, shall be eligible on the same basis.


Member Benefits
  • Court Review (Journal) Court technology, managing your staff, controlling your docket-a bench's eye view of information you won't find anywhere else.  Published quarterly and accepting contributions from you. 
  • Annual Educational Conference Our annual meetings and educational conferences focus on new information you need to know:  developments in court security, trends in jury reform, relationships between state and federal courts, new efforts in raising public trust and confidence in the judiciary, and more.  And we do it live, in person, and among your peers.
  • Reduced annual conference registration fees
  • AJA WebBoard Conference Rooms and e-Discussions Join your colleagues on the Members Only side of the site and engage in posting comments, reading replies, and networking with other Member Judges on various topics of interest.
  • Better Networking Opportunities and improved access to a wide variety of opportunities to network virtually and face-to-face with judges across North America who will collaborate to make you a better judge and improve courts.
  • Pet Insurance with Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group

Please note: Processing of membership applications takes approximately four weeks. Thank you for your interest in AJA.