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AJA’s well-respected quarterly publication, Court Review, features current articles on trends, innovations, and topics of practical interest to judges.  The current issue featured articles are  excerpted below.

65th Anniversary issue

Volume 60, Issue 1

The Advent of Procedural Fairness

By David Dreyer

In 2007 hardly anyone had heard the term “procedural fairness.” It was an
emerging catchphrase for the idea that the endeavor of judging was more than just admitting evidence or reading briefs or deciding cases. Judging, and justice, according to procedural fairness disciples like our authors Judge Steven Leben and Judge Kevin Burke, is measured by how people perceive judges and courts as well as how people decide they have been treated.  ...  This 2007 article was the harbinger of this historical effort and still serves to point the way. Court Review is still proud to have been the place where judges read it for the first time.

AJA 65th Anniversary Reprint:
Procedural Fairness: A Key Ingredient in Public Satisfaction

By Kevin Burke and Steve Leben 

Americans are highly sensitive to the processes of procedural fairness. ... Judges can alleviate much of the public dissatisfaction with the judicial branch by paying critical attention to the key elements of procedural fairness: voice, neutrality, respectful treatment, and engendering trust in authorities.
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What’s In a Name?: Reinventing “Special Masters” as “Court-Appointed Neutrals”

By Merril Hirsh

There are always unintended consequences of a rebranding.  More.

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