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Procedural Fairness: What Every Judge & Court Leader Needs to Know

This web-based course offers training modules on key issues, allowing both new and experienced judges to learn at their own pace from leading national experts they might not otherwise have the time, opportunity or funding to see.

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AJA  Fairness Interviews

The AJA conducted interviews with nine national leaders in 2014 on issues involving judges and the courts. The interviews, done by Kansas Court of Appeals Judge and past AJA president Steve Leben, cover the elements of procedural fairness for courts and judges, how judges can improve fairness skills, and how the public reacts to courts and judges.

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White Papers

The Judge Is the Key Component: The Importance of Procedural Fairness in Drug-Treatment Courts
Oct. 2015  (PDF)

Procedural Fairness: A Key Ingredient in Public Satisfaction
Sept. 2007  (PDF)