Who We Are

The American Judges Association (AJA) is one of the largest, most diverse, independent organizations in North America made up exclusively of judges. Administratively housed in the National Center for State Courts, AJA is run by judges, for judges.  We are the “Voice of the Judiciary.”®

AJA is known for its member camaraderie, exceptional educational conferences, and judicial resources.  Member judges represent all levels of courts—trial, appellate, criminal, civil, administrative, and special jurisdiction—in state, municipal, provincial, federal and tribal courts.

All current and former judges of any duly constituted judicial tribunal serving at the local, community, state, provincial, or national level within the United States, any US territories and possessions, the District of Columbia, or Canada are welcome to join the AJA as voting members.

A hallmark of AJA is its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Why Join Us?

Member camaraderie:  

Meet, network, socialize, and exchange ideas, techniques, protocols, and best practices with other judges.

Interact with judges across the US and Canada, US territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Marianas Islands, other international and tribal nations.

Connect with people who care about the same things you do.

Exceptional Educational Conferences:

  • Nationally-recognized speakers on cutting-edge topics of interest to judges;
  • CJE credits;
  • Desirable conference locations (NYC and New Orleans in 2024);
  • Discounted conference registration fees for AJA members;
  • Exchange ideas, socialize, problem-solve with other judges;
  • Prestigious annual AJA Awards recognize and honor the work of outstanding jurists and non-judges who make exceptional contributions to the judiciary.

Judicial Resources:

Stay up-to-date with interesting cases, timely developments in the law, and news important to judges with the AJA Blog, managed by nationally-renowned judicial educator and Past President of AJA, the Hon. Kevin Burke (ret.).

AJA’s well-respected quarterly publication, Court Review, features current articles on trends, innovations, and topics of practical interest to judges.

Proven leadership and cutting-edge knowledge from experts in fields which include:

Member Connections with Other National Judicial Organizations:

  • National Center for State Courts (NCSC);
  • Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ);
  • Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA);
  • National Association for Court Management (NACM);
  • National Judicial College (NJC);
  • National Bar Association (NBA);
  • National Association of State Judicial educators (NASJE);
  • National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ);
  • Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges (CAPCJ).


Feel free to email us for more information or help regarding membership or dues.